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About Pixel Map Generator

 This software allows its users to create and design their own pixel maps for use within video games, tabletop roleplaying games and other similar media. The user interface provided allows users a large amount of freedom with how they can manipulate and customise their pixel map which includes: manipulating the colours and thresholds of biomes, manipulating the noise that the map generated is based off, generating their own map seed, loading preset colour palettes as well as saving and loading generator files so that user can come back and continue working on the same map. Using these provided functions, users are able to produce a variety of different maps. 


Work I Did On This Project

 This project was originally developed for the DXB211 - Creative Coding unit at QUT. The task of this project was to develop some sort of creative piece using p5js. I decided to make a pixel map generator that allowed users to create a range of maps that they can use in game projects or tabletop roleplaying games. I decided to release it on itch.io as I felt that the project could really be used as a tool by other people.


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