Heat Death Of The Metaverse

A real-time 3D motion capture project developed in Unreal Engine 5

About Heat Death Of The Metaverse

 Heat Death Of The Metaverse was a project that I developed for the KNB227 - CGI Technologies unit at QUT. In the first part of the project, we were to develop an abstract metahuman and a proposal for an environment for it to perform within. In the second part of the project, we were to combine our metahuman with three or four other student's metahumans in order to produce a music video wherein our abstract metahumans would do a performance within a refined version of one of our environments.

Work I Did On This Project

In the first phase of the project which was individual, I devloped my abstract metahuman called 'The Woodsman', along with an environment that suited it. In the second phase of the project, I was responsible for my specific segment of the music video, the setup and management of our team's version control system, and editing together the final music video. The development process of this project was documented in a blog as part of the assessment criteria, which can be viewed by clicking the button below.



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