A casual game developed for mobile

About Pikdot

 Pikdot is a mobile game where players tap dots in order to score points and survive as long as they can. Tapping green dots scores points, tapping purple dots increases your score multiplier, tapping blue dots scores points but also activates adjacent dots, tapping yellow dots scores zero points and resets your score multiplier, and tapping red dots loses points and resets your score multiplier.

Work I Did On This Project

Pikdot was a solo project that I developed on my own. I had prior experience developing a mobile game through AWIC: Breaking Ground, however, I was not involved with the distribution and release of the app, and so I wanted to learn the pipeline for doing so. I gave myself around a month to design, prototype and develop a game with the intention of releasing it on the App Store and Google Play Store.

I have so far been successful in releasing Pikdot on the App Store and have also created a version of a game that runs in a browser as well as on Windows. I am in the process of closed testing in order to get Pikdot on the Google Play Store.



Get in touch at markryanauman@gmail.com