The Mushroom Crown

The city is under attack by mushrooms!

 Roles On Project: Mechanics Designer & Lead Programmer

About The Mushroom Crown

 The Mushroom Crown is an action-packed FPS game, where players must learn how to best utilise and combine their different weapons in order to better eliminate enemies.

The Mushroom Crown is an ancient relic that was held in the city museum. A novice museum curator foolishly put it on and has released an invasion of giant sentient mushrooms on the city. As the Shroom Slayer, it is up to you to ensure that they do not take over the whole city by exterminating the mushroom invaders and take back The Mushroom Crown. There are different types of mushrooms that you will face, and to defeat them all, you will have to make full use of the arsenal of weapons you have at your disposal. As the player, you will be equipped with these weapons or need to find them in the game world and learn how to use these different weapons effectively and combine their attacks to better eliminate enemies. Eliminate all the mushrooms, put the Mushroom Crown back in its rightful place, and save the city from its doom.

With a bright, vibrant, and colourful atmosphere, The Mushroom Crown is sure to make you feel upbeat, energetic, and amused as you fight your way through the shroom invasion.


Work I Did On This Project

  This project was originally developed for the IGB100 - Game Studio 1 unit at QUT. I worked on this project as the Mechanics Designer & Lead Programmer alongside Narrative & Level Designer Sienna Wilton and Lead Artist Jessica Childs. This was the first group project in Unity I worked on. The initial concept for The Mushroom Crown was my own and as a team we developed it further. I mainly focused on the design and programming of the game's mechanics while Sienna focused on the design of the game's narrative and levels. Jessica's focus was on art, primarily sourcing assets for the game world as well as developing cutscenes for the game.


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