Reunite the fragments of the Soulsword to bring peace to the Lands of Anima!

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About Soulsword

 The great Soulsword, the ultimate weapon of war to end wars. Alas, it was lost to us when those who vied for its power, shattered it, its fragments spreading across the Lands of Anima. Now an eternal war has befallen the world, with those who hold the fragments of the Soulsword locked in combat for rule over the Lands of Anima.  The wars between these factions will only lead to ruin, with no victor to rise from the ashes. So I ask you now, travel throughout the Lands Of Anima, defeat the fragment wielders and reunite the fragments of the Soulsword and end the wars that plague the land, so that peace may return once more...

Soulsword is a 3D action-based arena survival game, where players will need to acquire and master a variety of weapons in order to best the foes that they meet in the Lands of Anima.

You play as a soul caster, someone with the ability to manipulate the soul arts, in search of the Soul Sword, a weapon that allows you to form a spectral form of any weapon at will. Alas, the Soulsword was destroyed, it’s fragments scattered across the world. In your quest, you must seek the fragments of the Soulsword across the Lands of Anima by battling those who possess them, and reunite the fragments to gain the power to vanquish the impending doom.

Work I Did On This Project

 When I started working on Soulsword, I had just finished working on a series of low-poly asset packs. To showcase how they could be used I decided to make a game that featured these assets. This game would become Soulsword, a spritiual successor to my first game, Avarice, wherein the player fights a variety of enemies, and at the end of the level, faces a boss. While the asset packs I made do make up a bulk of the game's assets, I ended up needing to make models for all the enemies and bosses featured in the game. Shown below are the four main bosses of the game.


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