Neoblast: Reality Shift

Use the Remmutor's weapon against them and bend reality to stop their invasion!

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About Neoblast: Reality Shift

 Neoblast: Reality Shift is a modern take on retro shoot ‘em ups, where players must adapt in order to survive as the weapons, enemies and the environment of the game randomly change every so often.

In Neoblast: Reality Shift, Earth is being invaded by the Remmutors, a race of aliens that bend reality to their advantage. As Earth’s last defence, players must end the invasion and save Earth by defeating the three major bosses that control the rest of the Remmutors and their reality shifting powers. To achieve this, players must weave and shoot through waves of enemies in space with the arsenal of weapons at their disposal and the powerups they pick up along the way. As the player, you have also gained the means to shift reality as well,  however, it is malfunctioning, resulting in it activating at random intervals and causing the weapons you have, the enemies you face, and the game world to change completely against your will.

With a vivid, retro and neon aesthetic, with frantic and thrilling gameplay to match, Neoblast: Reality Shift will be exciting and action-packed. Master reality and save Earth from its doom! 

Work I Did On This Project

   This project was originally developed for the IGB100 - Game Studio 1 unit at QUT. This was an individual project, designed to get us to learn how to develop a game in Unity. As I had prior experience in Unity, I challenged myself to make an improved version of a game I had made two years ago called Neoblast


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