Hi my name is Mark Auman. I am a game developer based in Brisbane, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments at the Queensland University of Technology. I have been developing games since 2013, having learnt to use a variety of different game engines and programming languages, however, I primarily work in Unity with C#. I have worked on variety of personal projects, projects for university as well as have started to work on projects for clients. Many of them are featured on this website, so please feel free to look around.


Awesome Women In Construction

In 2022, I did the IGB200 - Game Studio 2 Unit, which revolved around the design and development of a game project for an industry partner. My team named Team A1, was partnered with Awesome Women In Construction, who wanted us to develop a game that would encourage young women to pursue a career in construction. We developed a game called AWIC: Breaking Ground, where players assume the role of a construction manager and must strategically manage a team of workers in order to complete home construction projects within budget and on time.

Due to the success of the original PC version of the game, we were asked to develop a mobile version of the game that could be played on IOS and Android devices. Throughout January to April of 2023, myself and the lead programer of Team A1, Mars Bleach, worked on making a mobile port of AWIC: Breaking Ground. Both the PC and Mobile versions of the game will be releasing soon.

Work Experience

Big W

Availability Store Team Member

November 2021  - Present

AWIC: Breaking Ground

 Mobile Developer

January 2023 - April 2023

I worked as a developer on the AWIC: Breaking Ground Mobile project. My primary work was to rework the UI of the original PC version of the game so that it would be more user-friendly on a mobile platform. I acted as the main point of contact between AWIC and the development team, ensuring to update them on progress of our work at our checkins. I also worked on many of the promotional materials for the game such as  logos, images and trailers to showcase the game.

Queensland University Of Technology

Research Assistant
July 2023 - Present

I currently work as a research assistant for QUT in the Faculty of Science and formerly the Faculty of Engineering.


North Lakes State College

2009 - 2019

During my time at North Lakes State College, I specialised in various IT and engineering subjects, attaining awards in the Information Communication Technology, Graphics, Information Technology Networking and Engineering Technology subjects across several years. I graduated in 2019 with an OP 1.

Queensland University Of Technology

2020  - Present

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Games & Interactive Games, majoring in Design, as well as minoring in Software Technologies and CGI. Through this course I have been able to able develop my design, programming and art skills, which have allowed me to work on a variety of different projects in a variety of different roles.


 Get in touch at markryanauman@gmail.com